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A Voice of the NRI - Diasporic Poets

Editor: Yogesh Patel

Consulting Editor: Dr Debjani Chatterjee, MBE

गुणाः पूजास्थानं 
Good qualities are appreciated in whomsoever they are found.
Uttararaamacharitam (Bhavabhuti)

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This Month's Award winner is
Pramila Venkateswaran

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I have always admired Pramilla’s work. Hence, when Saleem Peeradina, a past winner of the Word Masala Award, proposed her name, I was thrilled to explore more of her recent poems. Her statement may tell us of her feminist approach, but this can be misleading. Her subject matters are a far-flung net in a sea of possibilities. The concrete poem selected for this issue shows that she is indeed a poet embracing a wider rumination.

What an original title! 
Is There a Fish in Your Tomato?
 Great poetry always transcends the desiccated husk that can be a poem of description. It teases us with metaphors and similes; It playfully engages us in making fresh discoveries and finding new meanings and poetic joys. Here a poet creates a comic connection with identical genes enjoyed by a tomato and a fish as a result of a scientific experiment. Pramilla leads us from the creative games of science to the games of illusions with a poetic muse tossing our taste buds to the tang of fish within a bite of a tomato and at the same time suggesting a sexual connotation with one word - ‘cleavage’. A genius is at work! The word ‘Each’ plugged in at the top can be a straw to draw the essence from a pot that is tomato or just something from which a tomato hangs happily ever after. Each one with its own destiny, a fish in nectar. Yet this concrete poem also evokes an image of a hand grenade, a warning for the times we live in when men’s political or religious adventures end up in war. Perhaps, the poem's ending hints at waiting to blow up as a grenade. But not quite so; the poet throws in the word ‘cultivate’, which suggests optimism. Pramilla truly lives up to her promise in her statement ‘I use humour, myth, dialogue to get to the heart of a poem, play with words to make them sing.’ Please, don’t forget to write to tell me at what level you have enjoyed this poem.   


Pramila Venkateswaran  

Is There a Fish in Your Tomato?

This is a concrete poem and is presented as an image. If your email doesn't download it, you definitely will be missing something in ignoring this poem. Please download the PDF format or go to our website.

Pramila Venkateswaran
Pramila Venkateswaran, poet laureate of Suffolk County, Long Island (2013-15), and author of Thirtha(Yuganta Press, 2002) Behind Dark Waters (Plain View Press, 2008), Draw Me Inmost (Stockport Flats, 2009),Trace (Finishing Line Press, 2011), and Thirteen Days to Let Go (Aldrich Press, 2015) is an award winning poet who teaches English and Women’s Studies at Nassau Community College, New York. Recently, she won the Local Gems Chapbook contest for her volume, Slow Ripening. Author of numerous essays on poetics as well as creative non-fiction, she is also the 2011 Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Long Island Poet of the Year. For more information, visit

Books by the Poet-of-the-Month

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Thirteen Days to Let Go

Sharp yet soft with resonance, poignant, and weighty with personal and social layers. Each poem was a snapshot of grief and the pain of human relationships- imperfect as they are-- its all we have. Simply beautiful! The book could have been just a litany of thirteen days.-Usha Akella, Poet & Cultural Ambassador, City of Austin & Founder, The Poetry Caravan
Excerpts from South Asian Review (
-In Thirteen Days to Let Go, Venkateswaran conducts us through the prescribed Hindu rituals following the death of her father, that seek to satisfy the spirit of the dead person.

-Other poems in this slim volume include “Swimming in Walden Pond,” in which Venkateswaran describes her dip thus:
I am upto my neck in philosophy,
My toes touching its shifting floor.
In “Sighting Hawks,” she goes “hawk-tipsy” reeling down Kansas roads. It is a pure lyric, the best in the tradition of Hawk poems. In “Field Trip to the Cochin Synagogue,” she muses on the irony of seeing Muslim girls in a Jewish temple. In “Above Kerala,” she captures the lush landscape in all its fecundity.  This is her fifth book, and it shows Venkateswaran at her best – a sure-footed, even-handed poet who has grown steadily over the years. A remarkable achievement, thoughtful and delightful at the same time
Saleem Peeradina
To order, please click on the name below:

Behind Dark Waters

This impressive volume of poetry is framed on a cosmopolitan, global scale and fleshed with intelligent and compassionate observation. Although, there is the odd, once-in-a-while ode to nothing in particular, most poems in this second anthology of Venkateswaran's are anchored firmly in mythologies that may be traditional or contemporary, ranging from the Ramayana to the saga of Aung San Suu Kyi. Furthermore, each poem is powerful with fluent lyricism and I found myself reacting to the tonal reverberations of seemingly simple lines long after the physical act of reading. Consider for instance, "...loss weighed like a gold coin/in the bottom of your chest" with its pithy coupling of emotion (chest = heart) to economics (chest of treasure).
-From a review by Prathim Maya Dora-Laskey (from SAWNET bookshelf)

Poetry in Translation 
2015 Gyanpeeth Award Winner Raghuveer ChaudharyI wish to congratulate my dear friend, 
Raghuveer Chaudhary, 
on receiving the 2015 Gyanpeeth Award 
for Literature,
one of the 
most prestigious literary honours for a writer in India. It is an award that encompasses all Indian languages. 
Although not of a diaspora poet, Raghuveer has been at the heart of encouraging diaspora writers and poets on his many international visits. He wrote a preface to my very experimental and acclaimed short story collection in Gujarati. The collection was made possible only with his ‘continuously goading' me, as he wrote, especially, because my writing is very sparse. 
My short story collection in Gujarati published originally by R R Sheth & Co, Mumbai, is out of print now, but I can make it available in PDF to our Gujarati readers who sould donate £5 to Gujarati Literary Academy through its current president Vipool Kalyani by writing to him In any case, as a founder, I encourage them to join the Academy if they haven’t already done so. Thanks.-YP
Here is a very short poem by Raghuveer 
The Outcome
I planted my volition
In the tillage
But, regrets,
A city sprang up from it!
(One of the Seven Muktak from Tamasaa by Raghuveer Chaudhary, translated by Yogesh Patel)

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Like Reginald Massey Saleem has been most helpful in reviewing books by our poets. He hassuccessfully placed reviews in many different publicationsHis reviews are always in-depth and written with his readers in mind. Above all they exhibit quality writing. Saleem stands above others because unlike some successful poets who expect others to review their books but fail to reciprocate, he spares time for this important contribution out of the goodness of his heart. The award is well deserved.
These poets are commendable and unselfish in helping this review group:Debjani Chatterjee, Usha Akella,  Reginald Massey, Usha KishorePramila Venkateswaran and Mona Dash. Please join them.
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Required reading this period

Here is a list from Independent for some of 2015's finest poetry, though no South-Asian poet makes the list!
Authors Ali Smith, Neil Gaiman and Joanna Trollope have led a wave of “tremendous support” for CILIP’s legal fight for libraries as its campaign petition tops 7,000 signatures


Poetry Please BBC Radio 4
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 BBC Radio 4 welcomes your suggestions for poems for possible inclusion in the programme. "Don't forget to tell us why you'd like to hear the poem... is there a special reason or memory associated with your request? Email us using the form  and also tell us whereabouts you're from. Alternatively you can write to us at Poetry Please, BBC Bristol, BS8 2LR or call 03700 100 400."  

Contests without fee

Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2016 | Closing Date: 19-Feb-16

All UK students, between 16-18, are encouraged to enter the 2016 Christopher Tower poetry competition. This year's theme is 'WONDER' and the judges are Alan Gillis, Katherine Rundell and Peter McDonald. First prize £3,000; second prize £1,000 and third prize £500. In addition to individual prizes, the students' schools and colleges also receive cash prizes of £150 and the three prize-winners are eligible for a place on the Tower Poetry Summer School. Three or four commended entries will receive £250 each. The names and schools of those longlisted will also be published on the newly redesigned Tower Poetry website. The entries will be judged this year by poets Alan Gillis, Katherine Rundell and Peter McDonald.
Entry Fee: £0
Contact: For entry and further information see:

 Submissions Requests - Without Representation by an Agent

We will consider picture books, early readers, middle grade novels, novelties, and informational books for all ages. Although we are not searching for YA fiction in particular, we would consider projects that tied in with the subject areas in which we are publishing. We are mainly publishing single titles but are open to series ideas.
Tilbury House publishes picture books that nourish and cultivate a child’s imagination.

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