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eSkylark April issue- Poet-of-the-Month: Bobby Nayyar



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Bobby Nayyar
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Guest Editor: Dr DebjaniChattejee

Glass Tanka
(For Bobby Nayyar)

We people in glass
houses live in dread of stones.
You have picked your way,
wincing, through the shards of life.
You found your way - you survived.
© Debjani Chatterjee

Rarely does a debut poetry collection show such remarkable promise. That is whyGlass Scissors is an exciting find. Having selected his short stories a decade ago for the award-winning anthology, Mango Shake, I already knew that Bobby Nayyar had talent. Since then he has had more short fiction and two novels published. And now a poetry collection that reveals some of the skills of his fiction: precision of language, narrative thread, and twists and turns.

In an 'Author's Note', Nayyar writes: 'The beauty is in the truth', a paraphrase of Keats' observation that truth is beauty and beauty truth. This may be considered by some to be a trite remark, but truth is for me the outstanding feature of Nayyar's poetry. His book is an exploration of his past and he finds that in the process deep memories have surfaced, often painful ones:

... the past is no place.
It is a broken mirror
Scattered everywhere,
Splinters of glass in my feet,
Hurting more when I walk,
So I run and bleed.

But they surface also for the reader, and surely that is the test of poetry - that it has the power to move people by making universal something that is individual. Nayyar calls his book 'a journey that starts with the heart but ends with the mind'. It is about a writer's vocation; it is about love, loss and growth; it is about a battle with clinical depression and a journey to healing that involves self-discovery.

One way in which Glass Scissors resembles a novel is its author's recommendation that the book is read in sequence. This is not normally how a poetry collection works: most poetry readers like to dip into a book, often at random. And, in fact, Nayyar's advice is only relevant if one wishes to trace the route and steps of his life's journey; one can still dip into his book and savour a poem at random because each poem can stand alone, as every poem must.

While Nayyar accepts the label of 'writer', he won't call himself a 'poet. It is a loaded word'. Yet there is music in his words, they paint a picture and set a scene; they are 'loaded' words - and yes - they are undoubtedly poems.  

Debjani Chatterjee
Dr Debjani Chatterjee MBE


Bobby Nayyar 
Setting the Page 
I've sat before this page for 36 years,
Watching it pixelate from paper and ink,
My eyes now reinforced by glass,
My mind broken two times,
My heart three,
And counting.

I stare into its screen
Until all I see are
Blades of ice slicing my past.
My hopes and fears,
Like layers of clothing
Worn on a day turned warm.
I'll sweat knowing that
The half-life of memory
Will decay into the afterlife of words.

Ad through the pain of my wounds self-inflicted,
The loves lost and found repeatedly,
The dirt of work
And strength of family,
The words rise.

And now I realise
That this page was never blank.
My scissors,
Forever cutting.
© Bobby Nayyar

(From Bobby Nayyar's debut collection, Glass Scissors, published by Limehouse Books, 2016.}

Bobby Nayyar
Bobby Nayyar was born in 1979. He read French and Italian at Trinity College, Cambridge. He has been published in the Mango Shake and Too Asian, Not Asian Enough anthologies, and journals including Wasafiri and Aesthetica.

He founded Limehouse Books in 2009, publishing his debut novel, West of No East in 2011, and The No Salaryman two years later. Glass Scissors is his debut poetry collection.

He lives in London

Poet's corner

Writing is as much an exploration of form as an exploration of my self. In my mid-thirties, I wanted to explore memories that had resurfaced and unravel the last seven tumultuous years of my life. Glass Scissors encompasses twenty years of living, ten years of thinking and eighteen months of writing. I find it hard to define my work because I feel like I am always changing from day to week to year. Another writer gave me some perspective, when she wrote that my poems summon ‘the missing and the lost… the invisiblelost (invisible culture, invisible illness, wanting).’ I am comfortable with this description.

Bobby Nayyar

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Glass Scissors

‘Bobby Nayyar’s debut collection, Glass Scissors, is a haunting, deeply personal collection. It explores universal themes of love and loss, in which the turbulent and fragile sit side by side. More than just a compilation of poems, it’s a revelation of one man’s hopes and dreams, and of the precarious nature of the world we live in.’
Farhana Shaikh, The Asian Writer
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Glass Scissors reviewed by Raj K Lal:

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Word Masala Awards for the Publishers
21st June 2016
Poetry reading at Yurt Cafe, Limehouse, LondonBobby Nayyar, Publisher of Limehouse Books, hosts a special literary salon with 4 South Asian poets in The Royal Foundation of St Katharine’s Yurt Cafe.

Readings by
Usha Akella,
Meena Alexander,
Debjani Chatterjee
Yogesh Patel

Contact Bobby Nayyar

This event 
kickstarts three days of celebrations of diaspora poetry focused around the House of Lords presentation of diaspora poets 


23rd June 2016

This event concludes three days of celebrations of diaspora poetry focused around the House of Lords presentation of diaspora poets
The Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1K 1HF
Time: 6.15pm for 6.30pm start; ends at 8.30pm

Five distinguished women poets, representing the Indian Diaspora, who also write in English, will speak about influences on their writing, how the English language has shaped their creative output, their experience of making a home abroad, including responses to their work from the motherland and their adopted homeland. The poetry reading will be followed by a Q&A session with the audience. 

 The poets participating are Shanta Acharya (Chair), Usha Akella, Meena Alexander, Mona Dash and Kavita A. Jindal.
 Asia House Festival
Friday 6th May, 7 pmBobby Nayyar will read from his debut book of poems Glass Scissors, a moving collection confronting love and relationships.

Writers in the Bath
This poetry group meets monthly at the Bath public house, 66 Victoria St, SheffieldS3 7QL.Debjani Chatterjee plus three others from Sheffield Stanza poets will read on Tuesday 10th May at 7.30 pm. 
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The first selection will be Bright Lines, written by Tanwi Nandini Islam
Bright Lines
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The first discussion will be held at Gracie Mansion on May 17th at 6 p.m.

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